ComBInation GmbH

Energy Storage

Efficiency through intelligence.  New impetus for Energy and Mobility inflection.

The future of energy policy which offers clean energy, energy efficiency and cost optimization.  These additional added value contribute to the acceptance by society.

As a solution to the challenges of energy and mobility turning the Smart Grid is clearly the focus of our company.  Here it is, the different topics, projects and general conditions to the individual industry participants across the island, independently and neutrally in a moderative process to connect to a functioning, smart grid.

The Combination GmbH is committed to an understandable, transparent and in particular communicative power grid and is supported by its partners with technical know-how, innovation and commitment to a functioning power and mobility turning.

"What we are living to do!  Only strategically well-positioned and specialized companies will master the upcoming challenges of an energy and mobility turning. "


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10999 Berlin, Germany

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