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Energy Storage

Blue Sky Energy, with its long history and 2 distinct product lines, offers one of the industry’s most complete lineups of small to mid-power multiple power-point technology (MPPT) solar charge controllers. Quality materials and extreme efficiency make them ideal for deployment in mission-critical applications worldwide. The reliability and simplicity of their design ensures protection against most common user errors, allowing for easy networking set-up and use, including optional remote monitoring over the Internet. Programming or viewing of all settings is possible without extra accessories and via any computer. The two-wire network interface permits multiple controllers to function as a single coordinated charging machine. Made in the USA.

Some features of our controllers are:

1)      Reliable and highly efficient.  Extremely low self consumption rates when needed.

2)      Their design and construction make them a top selection for extreme conditions (environments with extreme heat/ cold or prolonged moisture).

3)      Designed with simplicity in mind our controllers are easy to setup and use.  These units are safe-guarded from the most common of user errors.

4)      Capable of optional networking or remote monitoring (can connect as many as 8 controllers together to work as one).

5)      Made in the U.S.A.

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