Benning Elektrotechnik&elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Energy Storage

Founded in 1938 as a repair workshop for electrical motors the company has developed to one of the leading manufacturers of power supply units for Telecommunication and Industry application. Benning has got subsidiaries in Belarus, Belgium, China, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slowakia, Spain, South East Asia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, . The product range includes photovoltaic power systems in switched mode technology, test and measuring equipment, energy storage systems, stand by  power supply systems, OEM power supplies, UPS-systems, traction chargers. Benning offers project engineering, service, commissioning and assembly.


Münsterstraße 135-137
46397 Bocholt, Germany

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