BEM / Bundesverband eMobilitat e. V

Energy Storage

The Federal eMobilität eV (BEM) is a long-term committed to migrate to mobility in Germany with the use of renewable energies to electric mobility.  This objective is based on the intention of the federal government to become a lead market and lead for electric vehicles by 2020.

The tasks of the BEM include the improvement of the legal framework for the development of electric mobility as a sustainable and future-oriented mobility concept and the enforcement of equal opportunities in the transition to electric mobility.

To achieve these objectives, the BEM the networked actors from business, politics and media together, promotes public awareness of electric mobility and is committed to the necessary infrastructural changes.

With regard to a changing society that recognizes its social and ecological responsibility, wants to integrate the fascination of electromobility in people's everyday lives and implement through practical experience of BEM.

It is essential to jointly and amplified the challenges of e-mobility in order to secure a sustainable recovery in the overall market environment.  This task requires the active participation of innovative companies in Germany, strong personalities and the cooperative interaction of all stakeholders from science and research, business, politics, media, associations and institutions, as well as the commitment of every citizen, of working for a New Mobility want.

"Only together can we bring eMobilität long as a realistic alternative mobility on the road." BEM-President Kurt Sigl


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