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Energy Storage

The energy revolution is unstoppable: All steigene electricity costs and the sanctioning of excessive environmental pollution make it for businesses in today's global competitive environment essential to give some thought to a more efficient use of resources and energy.  It is obvious to switch consumption to renewable energy and to generate the necessary power equal to itself.  An environmentally friendly and cost-saving decision! Renewables are our passion!

Put as a specialist in your industry to specialists in the field of renewable energies: the BAUER Energy Concepts GmbH is your strong partner with great expertise, many years of experience and a wide range of services.  We control the quality of our solar modules BAUER to the highest standards.  The same claims are also imposed on the various products sold by us on the installation and operation of PV systems and cogeneration plants.

The use of high quality products shows commitment to climate protection and guarantees profitability with long-term profit.  The use of solar energy and more efficient consumption technologies is an investment in supply security and independence.  What are you waiting?

But many successful business enterprises with prudent management lacks the specific expertise in order to approach an energy-efficient production to be able to pursue in meaningful periods also cost-effective, competent and.  The right choice of the partner in the implementation of energy-saving concepts is crucial, so that they pay for as quickly as possible and give the company the required competitive advantage.  Only with a reliable partner to leave the dormant savings expose and exploit in their entirety.


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