Aplha Energy Storage Solutions Co., Ltd

Energy Storage

AlphaESS, founded in 2012 as an international high-tech company, has spread its business throughout Europe, Australia, China and North America.

With years of industrial experience in new energy and lithium battery systems, the AlphaESS team has been expressed to provide users with advanced energy storage products and smart energy management services.

By using products and services AlphaESS provides, users can manage their own new energy generating, storing and utilizing to reduce energy consumption, cut electricity costs, improve the safe use of electricity, and then achieve the green life of energy self-sufficiency.

The vision of AlphaESS is to “smarten your energy”.


1-B302, Creative Industrial Park, No. 328,
Xinghu Street, SIP Suzhou
215123 Suzhou Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86 (0) 512 68287609

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