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AKASOL - a story of success

From the solar racing car world champion to the international technology leader.

With great enthusiasm and inspiration, young engineers from the University of Technology Darmstadt met in 1989 to found AKASOL e.V. (students‘ society for solar technologies) and with the use of innovative concepts, designed and built solar-powered racing cars.

They won several world championships for solar-powered cars: talent, ambition and consolidated knowledge were the key to their success. Their focus was on research and the implementation of alternative mobility concepts, initially without any entrepreneurial alignment.

When the central ideas had reached product maturity and demand arose for the development of individual components, AKASOL Engineering GmbH was founded in 2008 by leading members of AKASOL e.V. and the Schulz Group.

One of the most state-of-the-art test environments in europe.

In mid-2009, AKASOL moved into its new domicile at the headquarter in Darmstadt. Since 2010, the developers here have been able to profi t from one of the most advance test environments in Europe for analysis and testing in the area of battery technology.

The test centre comprises six test and technology rooms in which cells, modules and entire systems as well as drive stands are examined comprehensively – and where answers to the technical questions of the future are already being found.

In 2012, the company was transformed into AKASOL GmbH. Today, it is among the leading providers of solutions for high-performance battery systems globally.


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