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Energy storage is an important “missing piece of the jigsaw” that will enable us to use more electricity from solar PV and other intermittent renewable energy sources. In addition, energy storage provides grid and distribution network operators with a flexible tool to ensure electricity grids are fit for purpose as generation and supply continues to decarbonise.

Since 2012 the BPVA has been extending its remit and activities to encompass energy storage. Our goal is to promote the technology.

To help achieve this objective, the BPVA has formed an Energy Storage Working Group to promote the development and commercialisation of energy storage technologies and their application in the UK solar PV market.

The main focus of the Energy Storage Working Group is electricity and e-mobility.
The BPVA Energy Storage Working Group will be a strong platform for sharing knowledge and information for the solar PV and energy storage industries.

We are in a strong position to welcome energy storage companies, both domestic and international, which range from battery manufacturers to system integrators, into the fold. We can also help show our existing core membership of solar PV industry companies where it makes sense to collaborate more closely with the energy storage sector.

Members of the Energy Storage Working Group are chosen from those companies in the BPVA’s membership with an interest in energy storage in order to engage in a wide range of activities, including policy, technology, science, application and public affairs.

Our aims:

• Work with the universities, R&D institutes, government and the industry to make the UK a "Centre of Excellence" for the industry
• Demonstrate the benefits of energy storage
• Inform and educate about the value and benefits of energy storage
• Provide opportunities for our members
• Engage in the development of policies and strategies
• Bring about awareness to end customers
• Organise workshops, seminars and conferences
• Share best practice
• Provide international insight
• Work with national and international partners

Energy Storage Working Group Membership benefits:

• Access to market information, news, reports and whitepapers
• Access to market research studies tracking industry trends and provide a central source of information for energy storage in solar PV applications
• Access to market research & surveys
• Access to online directory of energy storage companies
• Networking opportunities with industry stakeholders
• Opportunity to influence future government policy and standards
• Sales and marketing support
• Access to all policy documents
• Free admission to the BPVA conferences, training courses and workshops
• Free subscription to Network, the BPVA’s official magazine
• Exhibiting on the BPVA stand at major exhibitions
• Exposure through magazine and website
• Discount on selected affiliated partner activities
• Sales leads from RatedSolarInstaller.com
• Use of logo
• Brand building opportunities

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