Working Groups


Policy Working Group

Activities include developing policies for the solar energy sector, through frequent meetings with key government organisations that include DECC; MCS, UKTI and the Treasury & Cabinet Office Energy for Growth Programme.

Communication Working Group

The Communication Working Group’s activities span establishing marketing and communication strategies for the BPVA as well coordinating overall industry marketing, branding and PR work intended to enhance the public image of the association, including its members, and the solar PV industry as a whole.

Application Working Group

Work within this group includes identifying suitable applications that can help to grow the solar PV industry and also networking with key players from related industries that can help to ensure the continued growth of solar PV, such as BIPV, eco-mobility and energy storage.

Education Working Group

The Education Working Group is tasked with examining all aspects of training courses offered, identifying the industry’s needs and cross promoting required courses for each segment. The group also explores opportunities for networking with universities and colleges offering courses to recruit new talent for the industry. The group provides input and advice into suitable internship strategies and programmes for the industry.

Finance Working Group

Networking with key financial institutes, identifying sources of affordable financial options for the industry and end users, as well as assisting with developing financial models for residential, commercial, agricultural and large scale solar projects are the core activities of the Finance Working Group. The working group is able to leverage the vast database of contacts at financial institutions that the BPVA has to help develop the right products for each segment.

Construction Working Group

The Construction Working Group is focused on identifying ways to bring solar PV and construction industries closer together and to make sure solar PV products are used as part of the build process. The group also promotes the use of BIPV products in the built environment. Activities include networking with major construction companies, national and local house-builders, developers, architects and real estate companies throughout the UK.

Energy Storage Working Group

Promoting energy storage, making sure it will become an important and valuable part of the sustainable energy landscape is the key objective of this working group. The Energy Storage Working Group is also looking at ways to bring the solar PV and energy storage industries closer together to build a more efficient, more reliable, cheaper and safer energy supply. Activities include helping to assist international energy storage companies setting up a presence in the UK.

EV Charging Working Group

The mobility shift toward electric vehicles is rolling forward and players in the two biggest markets today – Europe and the United States – are eager to develop the most successful business models and strategies.

But for electric vehicles (EV) to become mainstream, certain challenges need to be overcome. People have concerns the driving range of electric vehicles won't be enough to meet their needs, a problem known as range anxiety. As more EV models have been introduced over the past several years — including plug-in electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles — EVs are limited by driving range, which is related to battery capacity. Charging EVs from conventional electricity supply is also not ideal. We are working to develop a number of public ultra-charge (fast charging) systems powered by solar PV to be installed across the UK. EV Working Group will be engaged in the development of this infrastructure. 



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