Industry Charter

The BPVA’s UK Solar PV Charter sets out how the Solar PV energy industry is delivering significant benefits to the UK and its economy, and how it intends to deliver continued investment which will help the UK to prosper in the future. Signed by over 300 members, the Charter is formed around five key aspirations. These aspirations can only be successfully achieved through cooperation and partnership between industry and the government.


1- To invest in the prosperity and energy security of the UK

2- To provide financial security for families by lowering energy bills and creating   tens of thousands of long-term jobs

3- To provide clean, safe and affordable energy that will power the UK today and for future generations

4- To share our knowledge and expertise in in the sector with other nations, creating export opportunities

5- To reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by mass adoption of Solar PV


Grow long-term investment in the conversion of power from the sun into electricity is already creating jobs, energy, and financial security for thousands of families, businesses and communities across the UK. It is also protecting consumers by providing a stable and secure source of energy at a constant price which is untouched by the politics and instability affecting fossil fuels.

The introduction of FIT in April 2010 was instrumental to the market uptake. Since then a great deal of work has been done to educate the consumers in the benefits of Solar PV as well as adjusting the financial returns they can expect, to a level where the long term future of the industry is secured.

The UK market has the potential to become one of the largest European PV markets, and significant infrastructure has already been established over the past two years.

Click here to read the full UK Solar PV Industry Charter document

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