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British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) is the National trade association of the UK solar photovoltaic industry. The BPVA is a strong political and commercial organisation and has become the industry's favourite platform since formation in 2010. As the most influential and trusted voice of the industry, we have made a significant contribution to the growth of the solar industry in the past few years. We are a fully independent not-for-profit organisation and the only trade association in the UK with 100% focus on solar PV.

The BPVA stands for quality and value to its members.

Our mission is: "To ensure that solar photovoltaic energy is established as the leading renewable energy source in the UK". We promote solar PV at national and international levels and assist our members in their business development in the UK and abroad. As the trusted voice of the industry, the BPVA is working hard to make solar PV a mainstream and significant energy source by expanding markets, removing market barriers, strengthening the industry and educating the public on the benefits of solar energy.


As the leading and trusted voice of the industry, we have formed a strong community of companies and organisations with an interest in solar PV. We see ourselves as an important extension to our members businesses in sales, marketing, business development, finance and policy development.
Our partnership with the government has created a secure and sustainable policy framework for stable growth, which will result in lowering energy bills, energy security, creating jobs and inward investment....

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  • "Solar is an exciting industry which is coming of age. It is reliable, accessible, increasingly affordable and totally scalable.
    The industry has faced enormous challenges over the last few years, but now stands on the brink of a huge opportunity. Throughout this process, the British Photovoltaic Association has - and will - played an important part in supporting the industry. I have valued immensely my own interactions with the BPVA, which has often helped solve problems, either sector-wide or those of individual companies.
    "The Coalition Government is committed to work with the BPVA over the coming months and years, to bring about the solar revolution we all want".

    RH Gregory Barker - MP
    Minister of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)

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